Benefit from the Potential

of the growing markets of Poland and Eastern Europe

The GPB-Group

GPB (Germany Poland Bridge Group) is a various services offering consulting agency, that aims at intensifying the commercial relationship between Germany, Poland and international markets. For us, it is crucial to achieve and reinforce valuable synergy and to develop a far-reaching network between German, Polish and international entrepreneurs. The services we provide include preparation of products and services catalog, distribution of products, translation services, administrative communication, competition and market analysis as well as representing our clients in form of commercial agents. Moreover, we offer profound legal advice with a focus on civil law, trade law and company law, administrative law, labor law and fiscal law.

What we want is for our clients to expand their business and increase their sales by making their entry in the foreign market as easy and smooth as possible. It is not until we have created synergetic effects and our clients’ sales have verifiably increased, that we consider our partaking successful and our aim achieved. Our clients’ success is what matters to us and their level of achievement decides ours.

Range of Services

Market Analysis and Marketing
Virtual Office
Legal Advice
Government Agencies
Translation Services

Our Team


Rafael Churawski, LL.M.

Managing Partner


Magister Tomasz Krypel

Business Development


Katharina Jurisch

Managers Assistant Germany


Katarzyna Barnaś

Managers Assistant Poland


Martin Rönsch

Print and Web Design


Michał Tupaj



Dr. Ewa Tuora-Schwierskott, LL.M.



M.A. Sandra Reichert

Commercial Relationships


Wojciech Jagodziński

Project Manager


Fabian Babazadeh

Project Manager





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+48 790 806 605
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